Why we (the nOS team) don't talk about exchange listings

We can’t speak about exchanges due to utility token regulations.

Keep in mind that the laws regarding cryptocurrencies and exchanges are very clear nowadays, and projects that do publicly make active statements regarding speculation for their token may be breaking said laws. Breaking those laws would put a project and its token classification at risk. Companies and individuals have been lawfully persecuted for far less, and there are already cases where the SEC or other securities laws enforcers are persecuting (e.g. Kik).

It’s not for nothing that compliant and future-proof exchanges like Nash require a first-hand legal opinion from their own reliable law firms before continuing any kind of listing process.

I can’t stress enough that anyone who’s interested in holding tokens from start-ups should pay some attention to how seriously they take cryptocurrency laws and regulations.

One founder of a popular service recently tweeted that their token “offers great opportunities for passive income and good ROI”. Having something like that permanently recorded on the internet may forever mark that project for securities law enforcers. It’s only a matter of time until those projects are persecuted largely due to their remarks about “epic gains”. Statements like “we are working to list on this and that exchange” are also considered a risk to a token’s regulatory standing.

If any cryptocurrency project founder thinks such statements are worth risking their entire legal standing over, ask yourself if they act in the best interest of their community and if it’s worth being involved with.

Rest assured: we know what we’re doing. Everything you observe - or don’t observe - is a deliberate choice and always in the best interest of nOS.

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