Where I can find my nOS tokens from the token sale?

I participated in nOS sale but hasn’t done anything since then and was out of crypto due to some issues. Now came back and trying to find the nOS tokens but have no clue what I am doing. In this time, I have changed laptop. I have just spend nearly 5 hours to read the forums and try to trace the nOS tokens but no luck. I still can see emails of my KYC approval and all other relevant emails in the email record and I have 3 different NEO addresses which I have been using in different occasions. I have PRIVATE, ENCRYPTED, WIF and HEX keys available from all the addresses but nothing else (like json file). I have also reset the login password successfully and created new wallet on latest nOS client and then added all the 3 NEO accounts with PRIVATE and WIF keys but nothing is showing anywhere. Don’t know what to do. Can anyone help? Or is there anyway if from my NEO addresses I can know which NEO address was used and where the nOS token were sent? I remember there was a procedure to login in nOS app and then transfer the NEO and if the nOS are placed in the same login? Please help…

  1. Open nOS
  2. Create a new master wallet
  3. Go to the wallet tab
  4. Click Key Management
  5. Click “Import Wallet”
  6. Paste your NEO private key and your master wallet password
  7. Click “Import”
  8. Click the star next to the imported NEO wallet

Your NEO wallet is now imported and used in nOS. You’re now able to swap your coins to BIND.

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Thank you for your time to reply. Did all this and after clicking on the star, I can see the related coins in the portfolio but nOS balance is 0. Do not know what is the issue. But thank you anyway. I am just giving up onto this and move on…
Will try to catch some BIND

@saboornajeeb If you paste the same address on your portfolio tab in https://neoscan.io, do you see your NOS balance? If so, your tokens are on there. NEO nodes have been unstable lately so sometimes they’ll show 0 balance. In that case, you can go into Settings in nOS and re-click “Mainnet” to try connecting to a new node.

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Done :smile:
Thank you and best of luck

hey im having same problem… if i give wallet address or emails can you guys check for me please? im struggling to get anythng right.

I was able to add my nOS to the app. But I’d like to know, how do one go about selling nOS on an exchange for BTC? Thank you!