Waffle (www.crypto-waffle.com) - winner nOS ID App Competition

As the creator of Waffle, the winner of the nOS ID App competition, I’m obliged to start a topic about my app. Please feel free to ask any questions, comment, formulate proposals for improvement, give compliments,…


Some more info about the app:
:tickets: Waffle is a full-featured raffle game that utilizes NOS, Holding Scores, and nOS Client.

Waffle, short for Wallet Raffle, is a simple and fun dApp where you can buy tickets with your nOS tokens to compete in a raffle.

Some more short info:

  • You have to use the nOS client to buy tickets.
  • For every 1 nOS you get 1 ticket and you add 1 nOS to our jackpot.
  • You can refer people to add a multiplier to your prize.
  • The value of your holding score adds a multiplier to your ticket amount.
  • There’s a transaction history for your bought tickets with a link to Neoscan.
  • Prizes are paid immediately.
  • Watch back every raffle through the raffle history with all links to the transactions at Neoscan.

The strength of Waffle is that is very easy to use and that is will let people get acquainted with nOS and nOS Client.

Besides all of this, it could be possible for Waffle in the future to gain a more prominent role in the games section of the App Store. For example in the poker tournaments there can be added a number of consolation prizes as Waffle tickets. Then nOS will get a prominent role in all of the games.


Looks like the server’s down!

Regardless, you’ve done a very commendable job on integrating nOS ID into this game and I hope to see it live again in some form as a delegate game :smile:

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Correct Dean, we took the game down because of changes within the nOS project (e.g. holding score) made some things unnecessary. We have some things in mind for it as a delegate game :wink: