Update: nOS Core v2.7.31 (2020-04-24)

Update instructions

Log in to your node.

If you had any custom plug-ins installed, save their configurations from ~/.config/nos-core/realdevnet/plugins.js.

Run the following:

ccontrol stop
ccontrol update self && ccontrol update core
ccontrol config reset
ccontrol secret set [your secret here]

Replace [your secret here] with your validator secret.

You can now paste back any plugin configurations you previously saved in plugins.js.

Start your forging node with ccontrol start all or your relay node with ccontrol start relay

These new features and the “Stake Cancel” transaction type will be activated on the public testnet on block 811925.

Staking changes

Staking now no longer immediately grants power.

You can cancel your stake within the first hour of creating it

After the first hour, your stake will go into a 23-hour “power-up” stage. So twenty-four hours after creation (grace period + power-up period), your stake will grant the bonus power.

Wallet API changes:

The following attributes of the wallet stake object have been removed: active, halved, redeemed.

The following attribute has been added: to the wallet stake object: status.
The status attribute can return: grace, canceled, powering, active, released, redeemed


  • Grace: The stake can be canceled.
  • Canceled: The stake has been canceled during the grace period.
  • Powering: The stake can no longer be canceled and is powering up.
  • Active: The stake is active and granting power to the wallet.
  • Released: The stake has halved and can be redeemed.
  • Redeemed: The stake has been redeemed.

The wallet api now returns a power attribute, displaying the total power of the wallet.

The wallet api now returns gracedBalance attribute, displaying the balance that is currently in a grace stake (which can still be canceled). Graced balance is worth just as much power as the regular balance.