Update: nOS Core 2.9.7 - Security & Performance Improvements

nOS Core 2.9.7 has been released with various improvements (merged from ARK Core’s 2.6.49 update).

To update your node, run the following:

ccontrol update core

Your node will automatically stop, update, and start.

For forging nodes, if you’re not already running the core process exclusively: it’s recommended to stop all processes with ccontrol stop all and start only your forging node with ccontrol start core.

Update notes:

  • Use bundled file for browser field (#3904) (20d66cf3, @luciorubeens)
  • Reduce download block size when getting no block (#3905) (e2232875, @air1one)
  • Ping ports using head (#3905) (db226bd3, @air1one)
  • Stricter rate limit for getBlocks (#3905) (df7a3aa1, @air1one)
  • Allow to discard possibly invalid txs from pool (#3905) (0450ee84, @air1one)
  • Check sig length vs R and S length (#3905) (1b0863c3, @air1one)
  • Check that R and S is positive (#3905) (0783ec08, @air1one)