Update: nOS Core 2.6.24 (2020-03-04)

nOS Core 2.6.24 is now available.

It’s important to clear your database after updating.

To apply this update, run the following commands:

# Make sure you're logged in as your node user
su nos

# Stop the node
ccontrol stop

# Update core
ccontrol update core

# Clear the database (important!)
ccontrol database clear

# In case of a forging node, start with:
ccontrol start all

# In case of a relay node, start with:
ccontrol start relay


  • v2.6.24 nodes only connect to other nodes at v2.6.24 or higher
  • Update xstate to v4.8.0 (#3575)
  • Use application events from core-event-emitter (#3574)


  • Stake transactions have been fixed to be accepted by forging nodes
  • Add missing transactions.type_group index (#3573)