Update: nOS Core 2.6.10 - Fixes Memory Leaks

nOS Core has been updated with the latest ARK Core v2.6.10 fixes.

This update fixes memory leak issues that can cause nodes to go out of sync.

Updating as soon as possible is recommended, so you don’t miss any blocks!

Updating your NodeJS version is recommended

Update progress:

  1. Log in to your node as your node user (su nos).
  2. Update your NodeJS to version v12:
sudo npm cache clean -f
sudo npm install -g n
sudo n stable
  1. Run the following code:
ccontrol stop
ccontrol update self
ccontrol update core
  1. Start your node:
# If you're logged in to your forging node:
ccontrol start forger
# If you're logged in to a relay node:
ccontrol start relay
  1. Open your logs with ccontrol logs. If your logs are returning errors (e.g. “Can’t apply block”), stop your node with ccontrol stop, then clear your node database with ccontrol database clear and start your node again.

  2. If you’re still experiencing errors, run the following:

# Note: this resets your configuration. If you had any custom plug-ins installed, you'll need to add them to your plugin config again.
cd ~/nos-core
git pull
git submodule sync
git submodule update --recursive --remote
yarn setup:clean
ccontrol database clear
ccontrol config reset
ccontrol secret set [your secret]
ccontrol start forger
ccontrol logs

Replace [your secret] with your validator’s passphrase (remove the [ and ] brackets).

relay and forger updated and running without errors. i updated npm on forger from 6.13.4 → 6.13.7

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Great! Thank you for the feedback @alexbucsa :pray: