Update: Core Hotfix 2020-02-06 Released

The nOS Core develop branch (used in the nOS Testnet) has been updated with a hotfix.

How to update your node

Run the following on your node server, after logging in as nos (run: su nos):

ccontrol stop && ccontrol update self && ccontrol update core && ccontrol config reset

On your forging node you also need to re-configure your validator passphrase by running:

ccontrol secret set {your secret here}

Replace *your secret here* with your validator’s mnemonic phrase, without the brackets ( { ... } ).


Nodes were unable to restart correctly (negative balance error) due to the Top Validator Bonus Rewards being bootstrapped after the balances are verified (making sure there are no negative balances).


The node software now bootstraps the Top Validator Rewards before the balances are verified.