Update: Block Data & Top Rewards + New Genesis Block (Testnet Reset!)

A fundamental core update has been applied, changing the data that exists in a block.

This update requires nodes to update both core-control and the node software, and reset the database and config.

Validators need to request to be voted in the network by the team. To request votes, contact the team on Telegram at https://t.me/nOSchat.

Note: the blockchain will restart from a new genesis block, so you’ll have to re-register your validator.

How to update:

# Log in as user "nos"
su nos

# Stop the node software
ccontrol stop

# Update core-control
ccontrol update self

# Update the node software
ccontrol update core

# Clear the database
ccontrol database clear

# Reset the configuration. Your Validator seed will be removed from the server's storage.
ccontrol config reset

# Skip setting your secret if you're not running a validator.
# Log in to your wallet on https://wallet.nos.dev, use the faucet, register your Validator again.
# Then set your validator secret. Replace [my seed words] with your validator seed, without the brackets.
ccontrol secret set [my seed words]

# Start your forger. Note the command is now "start all" and not "start forger".
ccontrol start all

# Or start your relay. You don't need to run this if you already started your forger with "ccontrol start all"
ccontrol start relay


  • Instead of distributing bonus rewards to the previous round’s Top 5 validators at the start of each new round, the blocks forged by Top 5 validators will now simply have a higher block.reward value.

  • If a top validator forges a block twice in the same round (due to another validator missing a block), the second block will have a regular (non-bonus) reward (e.g. 3.90 instead of 4.84).

  • The average block reward will remain at 4 NOS (before the first halving).

  • This update increases node speed and efficiency, and produces smaller sized blocks (meaning a more disk-space efficient blockchain).

Because of this fundamental change to block data, the testnet will restart from a new genesis block.

The update can be viewed on the below branch:

Update went fine. Nice to see the block rewards are now set like stated in the WP :ok_hand:

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