Staking Calculator

Hi team! :grinning:

How is going with everything?

I’m wondering and not just me, if you could implement something like “simple staking profit calculator”,
I think that will be very helpful and also new users can understand better what actually they are missing to invest in :face_with_monocle: or you cannot do something like this because of regulations?

Thank you in advance and keep going to make best project! :muscle::facepunch:

Hey! I can answer this for you :rocket:

The ARK team is also not building any official staking rewards calculators. It’s made by the community. This is because of regulations, so you’re right on that part :smile:

Such an app being unofficial is good, because it means both nOS and ARK care about their holders and their future. No police kicking down any ARK or nOS office doors! :police_car:

How we can calculate it:

Since 4 NOS block rewards come in on each block, and if we assume there are delegates that share about 75% of block rewards on average, that’s 3 NOS per block (every 6 seconds) distributed to voters.

We have to use VW (Vote Weight) to calculate any potential individual rewards, since your vote is worth 10x more than your balance if you stake for 3 months (and more if you stake longer, up to 20x if you stake for one year).

Since we don’t know in reality how many people will vote, stake, or how much block rewards are shared by delegates and curators, it’s difficult to calculate it at the moment. It’s easier to say when the mainnet is released, but we can make some assumptions and use ARK for reference to calculate rewards.

I will look into building an app for this, would be a nice first community tool :smile:

Either way, if you are prepared to stake NOS, I think you can really benefit from it more than any other blockchain because of the voting weight and delegate/curator dual voting system :fire:

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