nOS Network Preview: Database Core

Let’s have a look at the next features coming to nOS testnet!

Since releasing the Decentralized Profiles feature in nOS testnet, our community’s blockchain nodes have been flawlessly performing their second jobs as Interplanetary Filesystem (IPFS) nodes for the network’s file resources.

Enter Databases and Schemas!

One of nOS Network’s main purposes is the ability to create and contribute to public databases on a decentralized platform.

And that’s where these next features come in.

On the network, validators will be able to register schemas. Schemas are objects that describe the types of data that a database should contain.

For example, a music schema (with an artist, title, cover art, stream url, and release date) could look like this:

    "artist": {
        "type": "string",
        "maxLength": "64"
    "title": {
        "type": "string",
        "maxLength": "64"
    "stream": {
        "type": "url"
    "coverArt": {
        "type": "url"
    "releaseDate": {
        "type": "timestamp"

Validators can then maintain databases that follow such a schema.

This way, apps can pull all databases related to that schema (for example, all the “music” databases from the top 50 validators), and combine it into one big database.

It’s up to the validators how data is added to their databases.

For example:

  • A bounty system for contributors (where validators pay NOS earned from block rewards and transaction fees to contributors and curators).

  • Scrape data from the internet and feed it into a database.

  • Accept NOS payments to increase the rank of a data entry, and (voluntarily) share those payments with their voters.

It’s an open and decentralized platform with a crypto-powered economy, so the possibilities are endless.

The nOS App Store will also be populated using the network’s database system. This means that the app listing process will be fully decentralized!

Any application can use the network’s databases for free. The nOS App Store is just the beginning!

Soon™, Schemas and Databases will be available on the testnet, with the tools to create schemas and maintain databases.

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