nOS Launches Testnet + Block Explorer

Today marks the release of our alpha blockchain, testnet, and block explorer!

Testnet features:

  • Staking NOS for increased influence on the network.

  • Stake-powered voting for delegates.

  • Block rewards for nodes based on their rankings, motivating competition among active delegates.

  • Unique transaction fee model that automatically removes the majority of all collected transaction fees in a block.

  • Block explorer ( inspect the network’s transactions, blocks, delegates, and staking & supply data.

NOS coin features

The following features will be available for NOS, the network’s native coin:

  • Voting for nodes that secure the network.

  • Voting for curators who list apps on the app store.

  • Staking to increase a wallet’s vote weight.

  • Block rewards for nodes and curators.

  • Attention-based Rewards : periodically contribute to apps using crypto in a peer-to-peer fashion, with no middleman or service fees.

  • In-app benefits for third-party apps and games, such as nOS Poker .

The curator system, the decentralized nOS app store, and attention-based rewards will go live in the future.

:writing_hand: More details:

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Such great news! I follow nOS project since moving to ARK technology. I cant wait for mainnet!

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