⛓ nOS Launches Public Testnet

We’re incredibly excited to announce the official launch of the nOS Network Public Testnet. Try out our unique and exciting features today!

Today marks a milestone in the development of nOS: the release of the public blockchain testnet!

Within the testnet, the majority of features described in the whitepaper are already live, and we can’t wait for you to try it out.

Testnet Features

  • Web Wallet - with built-in faucet so you can try it out immediately!

  • Full Staking & Voting system
  • Full DPoS Validator nodes system - Click the link to learn how to start a Validator node on nOS.
  • 6 second block times
  • Up to ~1600 TPS with programmable multi-transactions — Transfer to 64 different wallets in one single transaction
  • Unique rewards system with scaled transaction fee removal & bonus rewards for top validators
  • IPFS ecosystem
  • Full development support using all ARK Core SDKs: Typescript, Javascript, Go, Java, PHP (+ Laravel & Symfony), Python, C++, Elixir, Dotnet, Ruby, Rust, Swift
  • In-wallet NOS faucet

You can use the testnet today to:

  • Try out the blockchain’s latest features
  • Stake testnet NOS
  • Vote for validators
  • Try out and build blockchain code and applications
  • Launch a validator and nodes and collect block rewards
  • In the future: deploy databases and other files (descriptions, icons) to the on-chain nOS IPFS system, and serve them in your apps

nOS Network is built with the ARK Core Blockchain SDK .

We’re incredibly grateful to the ARK team for giving us all the help and support we need for our blockchain’s development, and we look forward to continuing our partnership!

We’ll be releasing more updates, tutorials, and features over time. So keep an eye out!

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