NOS ID App stuck at sign up

I’m trying to login to the NOS ID app but it immediately takes me from the login page to the sign up page. The if i go through the sign up process it says my email is already in use, as i have signed up before and i can’t seem to get it to work to start converting my NOS to BIND

any suggestions?

The wallet you’re using with nOS ID has no account connected to it. If that’s the wallet you want to use then create a new account for it.

i’m having this same issue. i have an nOS account as well. Not sure how we connect the two because it automatically takes us to the page to sign up and skips over the page that has the “token swap” link.

please advise

I have an old registered neo address attached to this NeoID i had that i do not use. it won’t allow me to change it to the new NOS neo address.

why is it so rigid? seems like a regulatory trap in a way. i should be able to change addresses and i’m not going to make a new email and username so this is a bit dumb…no offense of course but it’s the opposite of the optionality blockchain provides.

I’ll need to be able to update my “registered neo address” to be the one from the nOS client or NeoID will not let me token swap.

bit of a bug for people who have NeoID already with an old wallet. may as well delete all that old stuff and let people start from scratch

You can just create a new account for your new wallet. There’s no email verification. Plus if you have gmail you can add +nos after your handle and it’ll work e.g. [email protected].

the +nos allowed me to make a new account. thanks