nOS Development Update - 19 Mar. 2020

This is our first update since the global outbreak of the COVID-19 virus, which undoubtedly has affected many of us.

Please take care of yourself and take part in social distancing and self-isolation to help slow down the virus’s spread.

Mainnet launch timing

We originally planned to launch the mainnet in early Q2.

However, with the current situation in the world, you may have other things on your mind than a blockchain network launch.

Therefore we’re postponing the launch and will re-plan it when the world’s current situation has cleared up to a point where people can shift their focus and be excited about tech innovation again.

Development will continue

We will continue to work on the network and all related products (nOS Client, web wallet, block explorer).

Features that we had originally planned to launch after the mainnet may now be available directly on launch, considering development will continue as usual.

Below you’ll find the most recent project updates since our last post.

Major Testnet Upgrade

We successfully orchestrated a fundamental testnet upgrade introducing new block reward logic, better node stability, and 100% network health.

Thanks to all validators and contributors for their commitment to improving the network!

Planned Staking Logic Update

We will update the nOS staking system to help the network with foreseeing sudden major unexpected changes in validator rankings more effectively.

Updates to staking:

  • Grace Period
    You’ll be able to cancel your stake before a certain period has passed. In case you change your mind or entered a wrong amount or duration, you’ll be able to cancel it without issue. The grace period duration is currently undecided but will likely be around 24 hours.
  • Power-Up Period
    Your stake’s vote power will come into effect after some days have passed (after stake creation). This period will likely be 3 days, but the number remains undecided for now. Before the stake goes into effect, each staked coin will still be worth 1 vote (as if it were in your balance).

The Grace period is included in the Power-Up period.

Example: If we assume a 24-hour grace + 3-day power-up period, you’ll be able to cancel your stake in the first 24 hours. If you don’t cancel it, your stake will go into effect 48 hours after the grace period. That makes for three days (72 hours) total.

Recent code updates

Two of our most recent updates relate directly to the ARK Core codebase:

A stability patch we wrote has been applied to ARK Core:

This patch fixed a bug on ARK Core-based networks - such as nOS - where the “transaction pool” storage on the network would no longer be in sync with the “database” network storage.

This storage inconsistency would cause transactions for some wallets to be declined by relay nodes, causing those wallets to become “frozen” and unable to make transactions.

Secondly, we recently reported a critical bug and assisted with discovering the bug’s cause and possible fixes. The bug was fixed by air1one, one of ARK’s core blockchain developers. More on that will be shared on ARK’s monthly development update article.

Thank you for your support!

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