nOS Core 2.9: Tor Proxy, Send Stakes & More

Update instructions

Log in to your node as user nos.

If you had any custom plug-ins installed, copy their configurations from ~/.config/nos-core/realdevnet/plugins.js into a temporary file on your desktop.

Since other plugin configurations will change, make sure you only copy configurations for your own custom plugins, and not any core packages.

Run the following:

ccontrol stop
sudo apt-get install tor
ccontrol update self && ccontrol update core
ccontrol config reset
ccontrol secret set [your validator secret here]

Replace [your secret here] with your validator secret.

You can now paste back any plugin configurations you previously saved in plugins.js .

Start your forging node with ccontrol start core or your relay node with ccontrol start relay


:card_index_dividers: Database transaction support

:female_detective: Tor integration for forging nodes (completely hides forging node IPs)

:zap: Sending stakes to other wallets(!)

:small_red_triangle: Merged all ARK Core v2.6.42 changes (various new features and security improvements)

You can now use the core process to start your forging node with ccontrol start core instead of ccontrol start all.