nOS Client 0.6 Now Available

nOS Client 0.6 Full Release

Version 0.6 of nOS Client has been released, featuring:

  • Master key management: Use one mnemonic to create and use many wallets for any blockchain.
  • Enhanced Ledger support for multiple account management.
  • Sleek dark theme.
  • Various enhancements and fixes.

nOS Client will automatically update the next time you start it.

If you don’t yet have nOS Client: you can download it on

How to import 0.5 accounts into 0.6

  1. Create a new wallet in the 0.6 nOS Client.
  2. Click the :purse: Wallet icon.
  3. Click on Key Management , next to Portfolio :

  1. Click Import Account in the top right, next to My Account.
  2. Click Import Legacy Account.
  3. Select the 0.5 account you wish to import and enter that account’s passphrase, and your new 0.6 wallet’s passphrase.
  4. Your wallet is now imported!

To switch between active wallets for transferring funds and using apps, click on the :star: star next to any wallet in Key Management.

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