💡 nOS Client 0.6.2 Released

Next time you start nOS Client, you’ll be auto-upgraded to version 0.6.2.

Features & Fixes:

  • Enabled editing of wallet labels
  • Pressing “Enter” in a wallet label now saves the label
  • Wallet labels no longer persist/display HTML tags
  • Limited the amount of characters for wallet labels
  • Fixed toString of undefined issue when changing labels
  • Selecting a wallet now persist after shutting down the client
  • Fixed an issue with browser icons overflowing
  • Changed navigation exchange URL and Icon

I went from ver 0.5.0 to ver 0.6, without upgrading to 0.5.4 in between. Consequently, my entire NOS holding is now missing. Is there a way to downgrade back so I can recover my missing NOS? I already imported the old 0.5 to 0.6, but it still does not show my NOS balance. Thanks.

Try going into Settings and selecting Mainnet (even if it’s already selected).
Otherwise, you can export your legacy wallet’s private key in Key Management and enter it in another wallet application such as Neon Wallet.

Verify it’s the correct wallet first by checking the address on the NEOScan Block Explorer.