How to import a nOS Client 0.5 wallet to 0.6

How to import 0.5 accounts into 0.6

  1. Create a new wallet in the 0.6 nOS Client.
  2. Click the :purse: Wallet icon.
  3. Click on Key Management , next to Portfolio :

  1. Click Import Account in the top right, next to My Account.
  2. Click Import Legacy Account.
  3. Select the 0.5 account you wish to import and enter that account’s passphrase, and your new 0.6 wallet’s passphrase.
  4. Your wallet is now imported!

Q: I don’t have the “Import Legacy Account” button. What do I do?

A: If you have a back-up of your 0.5 profiles_v1.json file, you can copy it to one of the following locations, depending on your OS:

  • Windows : %AppData%/nOS/storage
  • MacOS : ~/Library/Application Support/nOS/storage
  • Ubuntu/Debian Linux: ~/.config/nOS/storage

Restart the client and you should get the option when following the import steps.

Q: I only have access to my encrypted keys or a different json file. How do I import my wallet?


If you already have your wallet’s encrypted key, skip to step 3.

  1. If you have a json file containing wallet details, open it.
  2. You should see your wallets’ details in text format, including a field that’s called EncryptedKey (or something similar). Copy this key without the apostrophes.
  3. Go to This is an open-source tool that lets you export wallet details and private keys from an encrypted key and passphrase.
  4. Enter your encrypted key in the Private Key field and your encrypted key’s passphrase in the Password field. Then click Convert.
  5. You should see two panels, one with your Address and Public Key, one with your HEX and WIF. Copy the WIF value (the input box below it).
  6. In nOS Client 0.6, click “Import Wallet”, paste your copied WIF in “Private Key”, enter the passphrase of your Client 0.6 wallet (not from the encrypted wallet that you just exported), and click Import.
  7. Your wallet should now be available in your new nOS Master Wallet!

hello. I have a curiosity and I hope you can help me: in my wallet were sent some lx tokens, on the neoscan I saw that I received them but they do not appear in my nos wallet. What do I have to do to appear?

I believe the smart contract hash for LX tokens was recently updated. Once the City Of Zion token list has been updated to match the new LX address, they should show in nOS Client.

None of this works. All of my NoS tokens that I had in my wallet prior to this upgrade have vanished. I have tried importing several times using both the Private Key and Encrypted key for my original wallet and nothing appears.

If I search my address in the Explorer I can see my Nos Balance.

How can I sort this out?

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If you can see your NOS in the NEO block explorer then you have nothing to worry about. You’re probably connected to a bad NEO node. In this case you should go into Settings in nOS Client and re-select “Mainnet”. That way you’ll connect to a new node.

This of course assumes that you have imported your NEO wallet correctly, and the address of your active NEO wallet is the one you that intended to import.

I am having the same issue. The instructions may not be clear enough. I’m unsure about the whole thing. It has been a year or so since I used anything crypto related and I’m very confused. The Neo address that I’ve always used doesn’t have my nOS in it, but I do have an address that has it in it. I’m not sure what to do to get access to it. I tried all the steps to import the 0.5 wallet to 0.6 but now I’m stuck on a forever loading my funds screen so I have no idea what’s going on. Please help

@pebblemonkeyz Unfortunately the NEO nodes have been unperformant, so funds aren’t always loading.

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. In nOS, click the cog wheel :gear: to go to Settings
  2. Re-select Mainnet (even if it’s already selected) to force nOS to connect with a new NEO node.
  3. Check your balance tab again. Try again if it hasn’t updated in a few seconds.

This might take a few tries, since there are only a handful of NEO nodes online that support token queries, and none of them are stable.

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With reference to your above reply and the one to Pebblemonkeyz below; I have re-selected “Mainnet” several times as described and still nothing . . .

(1) Is there anyway to determine which node I am connected to and whether or not it is stable?
(2) What’s the plan RE getting stable nodes in place going forwards? Clearly the present situation is not good.
(3) How do I know if I have imported my NEO wallet correctly? Under ‘Key Management’ I can see five imported wallets (all with the same public address that contains my nOs) from multiple attempts at doing this. However from a non-techie persons perspective my nOs are stored against one address and my wallet is displaying what’s held against a different address.

  1. It automatically tries to connect to the most stable node. Unfortunately, almost none of them are stable enough to make multiple requests to.

  2. The nodes that are unstable are the NEO network nodes. This has nothing to do with the Compendia blockchain nodes, which have been performing in a highly stable and performant since its epoch. We can’t do anything about the NEO network’s instability.

  3. Your portfolio tab only views the tokens held by your selected wallet. So if you see your tokens on there, you’re connected with the right wallet.

It could be that the NEO nodes are blocking requests coming from your IP. If you’re on a VPN, try turning it off. Otherwise, try turning on your VPN.

So can I change the wallet / address that my portfolio tab looks at? My Portfolio tab shows my new address, whereas my nOs are stored on another address that I have imported into my wallet, but don’t seem able to view via the portfolio tab.

@JasonDKing You have to click the star :star: icon next to the wallet in the “Key Management” tab to select it as a wallet.

Thanks Dean . . . All I needed to do was click on the star! Can I delete the other wallets that I don’t want or is it best to just leave alone; the OCD in me wants to tidy up :slight_smile:

Glad to hear it worked!
If you own the private keys to the wallets then you can safely delete them.