How to import a nOS Client 0.5 wallet to 0.6

How to import 0.5 accounts into 0.6

  1. Create a new wallet in the 0.6 nOS Client.
  2. Click the :purse: Wallet icon.
  3. Click on Key Management , next to Portfolio :

  1. Click Import Account in the top right, next to My Account.
  2. Click Import Legacy Account.
  3. Select the 0.5 account you wish to import and enter that account’s passphrase, and your new 0.6 wallet’s passphrase.
  4. Your wallet is now imported!

Q: I don’t have the “Import Legacy Account” button. What do I do?

A: If you have a back-up of your 0.5 profiles_v1.json file, you can copy it to one of the following locations, depending on your OS:

  • Windows : %AppData%/nOS/storage
  • MacOS : ~/Library/Application Support/nOS/storage
  • Ubuntu/Debian Linux: ~/.config/nOS/storage

Restart the client and you should get the option when following the import steps.

Q: I only have access to my encrypted keys or a different json file. How do I import my wallet?


If you already have your wallet’s encrypted key, skip to step 3.

  1. If you have a json file containing wallet details, open it.
  2. You should see your wallets’ details in text format, including a field that’s called EncryptedKey (or something similar). Copy this key without the apostrophes.
  3. Go to This is an open-source tool that lets you export wallet details and private keys from an encrypted key and passphrase.
  4. Enter your encrypted key in the Private Key field and your encrypted key’s passphrase in the Password field. Then click Convert.
  5. You should see two panels, one with your Address and Public Key, one with your HEX and WIF. Copy the WIF value (the input box below it).
  6. In nOS Client 0.6, click “Import Wallet”, paste your copied WIF in “Private Key”, enter the passphrase of your Client 0.6 wallet (not from the encrypted wallet that you just exported), and click Import.
  7. Your wallet should now be available in your new nOS Master Wallet!

hello. I have a curiosity and I hope you can help me: in my wallet were sent some lx tokens, on the neoscan I saw that I received them but they do not appear in my nos wallet. What do I have to do to appear?

I believe the smart contract hash for LX tokens was recently updated. Once the City Of Zion token list has been updated to match the new LX address, they should show in nOS Client.