Hi! I'm Rocket. Future nOS Delegate and Curator 🚀

Hello nOS community! Happy to be one of the first members in nOS Chat :heart:

My name is Rocket, and I’m a long time investor in proof of stake coins (especially dpos). I chose the name rocket since it represents my main thoughts about nOS :rocket:

When I read that nOS is working with ARK to build their dpos blockchain, I knew that it would become something special.

My favorite thing about nOS is the curator system. Can’t wait to see what types of curators are going to show up to populate the app store.

I’ll be studying the entire project more deeply and will help people here by answering questions and posting tips and tutorials.

Rocket out!


Welcome! And congratulations on getting the first introduction :smile:

How’d you first hear about nOS?


Thank you Dean! I’m very excited to have found this project so early.
I heard about nOS last year, but yesterday I heard about it from the announcement on the ARK blog and really started to look into it. Let’s just say I like what I saw :rocket:


Welcome @Rocket! Definitely let us know if you have any questions :smile:


Thank you @drppr! I’ll probably have plenty of questions in the future :joy:


Awesome. I look forward to your delegate and curator proposals. If you have any questions, feel free to tag me or anyone at the team :smile: