Hi, 🎵 I am Jarunik

I am a long term Ark delegate. You can find more information about me on https://arkcoin.net. I found out about nOS through the partnership with Ark.
Happy to help you get your mainnet started. Once it is time I might write an official delegate proposal but I need some more insights into the project before that. I might also list the steem based browser game https://nextcolony.io I am working on in the nOS app store. I am really happy to see more and more crypto projects working together.


Hey there @jarunik! Glad to see you here :smiley: Looking forward to see your delegate proposal :wink: I’m definitely going to try out that game, sounds cool!

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Welcome @jarunik! :wave: I’m familiar with your delegate. Good to see you here!

Just logged in to NextColony. Man I love these types of passive browser games. Works very nicely within a decentralized ecosystem (NFTs, true ownership of resources and planets).

There used to be a big sci-fi browser game in the early 2000s called O2 (or was it OZone?). Back when I got familiar with smart contracts, one of the first things I thought was how cool it’d be to have a sort of reboot of the “passive scifi web mmo” powered by a decentralized back-end. Looks like this is it :sunglasses:

If you have any questions about nOS, don’t hesitate to reach out!

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Hi @jarunik! I have a lot to learn from an experienced delegate like yourself. Looking forward to see what you’ll do with nOS in the future :rocket: