Hi, Cryptology here

Hi all,

Interesting project! I am Marc, delegate Cryptology on ARK and board member on the ARK Community Fund. Looking forward to follow the setup of your Mainnet and will publish a proposal for a nOS delegate in due time. Once you are ready to start-up the Devnet I can pitch in and spin up some servers.


:wave: Welcome @Cryptology! I look forward to seeing your delegate proposal. Feel free to tag me if you ever have a question!

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Welcome @Cryptology! :grin: Your help is definitely appreciated!

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Welcome @Cryptology! Great to see you here. When nOS Community Fund? :wink: :rocket:

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I guess the setup of a NCF would depend on a bit of funding from either the team or the community, but if it does come to fruition I will be available to help get started as a board member.


Iā€™m definitely in favor of a well-organized NCF after our mainnet and nOS Browser 1.0 are ready :ok_hand: