Core Update: Hotfix 2020-02-07 Released

The nOS Core develop branch (used in the nOS Testnet) has been updated with a hotfix.

How to update your node

Run the following on your node server, after logging in as nos (run: su nos ):

ccontrol update self && ccontrol update core

Afterwards, restart your node with:

ccontrol restart {relay/forger} && ccontrol logs

Issue 1

Nodes were unable to sync from genesis correctly due to the Top Rewards and Stake Expirations being applied on each block event in no particular order (causing some blocks to try and apply transactions before that block’s rewards or stake expirations were applied).

Fix 1

The Top Rewards and Stake Expirations are now applied within the applyBlock() method asynchronously, rather than on a BlockApplied event.

Issue 2

The node would try to reindex a non-existent validator wallet if a wallet’s stake expired without having voted for a validator.

Fix 2

Check for the existence of the validator and only reindex it if exists in the ExpireStake helper.