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How to write a Validator Announcement Thread

Title Start your thread title with [ANN], and preferably include some keywords that would define some key features. For example: [ANN] My Sweet nOS Validator - Games - nOS developers - New Apps. Voters can instantly re…

3 August 3, 2019
How to start your own Validator (+ forger & relay nodes)

Registering a Validator If you only want to launch relay nodes you can skip registering a validator. Open nOS Web Wallet Log in with your mnemonic key, or create a new wallet. Make sure to store your mnemonic key …

3 February 5, 2020
About the Validators category 1 July 30, 2019
Update: nOS Core 2.6.10 - Fixes Memory Leaks

nOS Core has been updated with the latest ARK Core v2.6.10 fixes. This update fixes memory leak issues that can cause nodes to go out of sync. Updating as soon as possible is recommended, so you don’t miss any blocks! …

4 February 21, 2020
Core Update: Hotfix 2020-02-07 Released 1 February 7, 2020
Update: Core Hotfix 2020-02-06 Released 2 February 6, 2020